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What Is It? (letterbox/geocache hybrid) LbNA #65703

Owner:agltbialik Contact
Plant date:Sep 4, 2013
County:San Mateo
Location: The It's It Factory
Found by: aha106
Last found: Feb 11, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 4, 2013
Although nobody knows for sure, there are two stories that have been told. The first story recalls how the inventor, George Whitney, yelled "IT'S-IT" when he tasted the oatmeal cookie, vanilla ice cream and chocolate combination. The second story goes back to the old cow races that were held near Playland-at-the-Beach. One day, a cow named "It" won the race. Someone asked who came first, and the answer was "IT'S-IT". George Whitney liked that.

This is a geocache type hide, so please use extreme stealth when going in for the box. Lots of eyes may be watching from the offices, so after 5 or 6 pm is a better time to get this without getting caught. Once found, please walk it away somewhere to trade stamp images, and then return exactly as found without anyone seeing you.

This is a park and grab, so the clues are simple. All you need to know is where the It's-It factory is. Once there, go to the dead end and face the freeway. To your left, up high above, is a giant replica of the delicious San Francisco treat. But straight ahead you'll see two signs with red reflectors on them. Look behind the left sign, on the chain link fence for something out of the ordinary.

This is a two part stamp.
Recommended Colors: Brown and Red (you'll see which part uses which color)