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Birds Nest LbNA #65405

Plant date:Jul 28, 2013
Location: Russ Park
Planted by:Three Little Birds
Found by: Wandering Equestrian
Last found:Jun 21, 2020
Last edited:Jul 28, 2013
Russ Park is located on Bluff Street, three blocks east of Main Street. It is open from sunrise to sunset. Park in the main lot along Bluff Street, be sure to bring adequate water to be out for about 2 hours. Enter through the designated entrance. Follow the “Main Trail” through the branch covered tunnels, up the hill (watch for banana slugs…they grow them big in Ferndale). Go past bench #1, but stop and enjoy a break at bench #2. Stay straight at the fork passing the trail system sign. Stay straight at the second fork, but take a moment to enjoy Zipporah’s pond, named after Mrs. Zipporah Patrick Russ who donated the land. Continue back on the “Main Trail” till you reach “Ferndale View Point”. Stand on the bench and take in the beauty of the Ell River as it leads to the Pacific Ocean and a spectacular view of Ferndale as seen on numerous post cards. While standing on the bench turn yourself around and find the fallen tree just on the other side of the round picnic table. Reach your left around back and under the log where you’ll find our black wrapped package. Enjoy our favorite spot for a bit and replace the box when you’re done. We hope you can spend some time visiting cow town Ferndale a little too. :)