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10 Years of LB Fun! LbNA #65300

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jul 13, 2013
Found by: Eidolon
Last found: Apr 3, 2014
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:May 14, 2016
Last checked/found: 13-JUL-13

Location: Rainbow Trailhead near Milepost 108.5 on the Seward Highway. The trailhead is in the NW corner of the lot.
Time/Distance: 45-60 minutes / ~ 1 mile, ~300 ft elevation change
Terrain: mostly shaded, dirt/rock trail

Martini Man & I found our very first letterbox on July 13, 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin. In the ten years since then we have had tons of fun hunting letterboxes – solving clever clues and hiking in some great places. In addition, we have met so many fun people who are also addicted to this hobby. We are especially grateful to those that have planted trail letterboxes and those who have hosted events. Of course we are also pleased when people take the time to hunt for one of our boxes and send us a brief email to give us an update on our box status.

To celebrate our 10th LB anniversary we came to Alaska. We have now found a letterbox in every state! We created this box to commemorate two happy milestones.

On the morning of our anniversary, we chose the trail heading toward McHugh/Potter. We enjoyed the rushing water on our left as we ascended, and then crossed a sturdy bridge. A short while later we crossed a gravel roadway, but continued straight on the trail.

Later we passed a map post, then another bridge and climbed a few stairs. We had enjoyed our 3 weeks in Alaska, but this was our last full day before we flew back home. We therefore didn’t have time to do a very long hike before we headed into Anchorage.

After the stairs we walked through an open area and as the trail began to go uphill and into a wooded area again, we stopped at the first grouping of 4 birch-like trees on the left. We turned around to enjoy the view of Turnagain Arm. We agreed that this would be a good spot to leave our anniversary box. We took a bearing of 245° to find a large stump approximately 40 steps off the trail. We placed the box behind the stump under a rock and wood.

If you’d like, include the number of years you have been boxing when you sign into the logbook. Please replace it well so the box is less likely to get dragged off by animals.

We live quite far away and can’t check on the box, so we would appreciate an email to let us know how the box is faring. Thank you!