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Sixteen Candles LbNA #65002

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Apr 29, 2013
City:South El Monte
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Jul 4, 2017
Last edited:Jun 13, 2021
Bosque del Rio Hondo
502 San Gabriel Blvd
$5.00 parking fee
Bring plenty of water, use sunscreen, hat for shade.
During summer we don't recommend walking this trail during middle of day...very little shade and very warm!

This series was carved and planted in honor of our fellow boxer Clarinet 226 turning sixteen years old!!

Birthday Cake by Dezert Ratty
Retired as of 9/20/20

From parking lot head left to trail entrance and over wooden bridge to Rio Hondo Bikeway. Go right on bike path and follow past 10.75 marker. On the right find the section of chain-link fence with cross bars attached to top. At base of middle of three posts under rock is your birthday cake. There's a drain pipe up the path a bit to sit and stamp.

Classic & Clarinet by Piper Paws
Alive and well as of 9/20/20

Continue on path, under 60 fwy, around curves, left at fork, past 11.25 marker and through tunnel. Exiting tunnel look on left side of trail for first Sycamore tree. Center of several trunks is home to this birthday box.

Eiffel Tower & Key by Cherry on Top
Unknown, reported missing on 7/4/17

Walk north on path past 11.75 marker and keep left at Norman's Nursery. Find entrance to Rio Hondo concrete channel on left. To left is a pile of cement rocks. Under green-tinted, scalloped-edged, flat stone (moved to be on top of the pile of concrete) hides the next birthday surprise.

Road Trip & I Love Dogs by Dog On A Mission
Retired as of 9/20/20

Continue North past 12.5 marker. Walk up ramp toward Garvey Ave, look right where chain-link fence and cinder block wall meet. Be cautious of anyone behind wall that might see you. Left a bit on block wall you'll find a grey painted multi-trunk stump. Between wall and stump lies the present.

Feu-de-lis & Bob-omb by Kelsung
Retired as of 9/20/20

Walk up to Garvey Ave and cross to other side of Rio Hondo Channel. Down ramp and south past black rail fence on your right. After black fence ends you'll see a trail sign. Go right on dirt trail (equestrian trail) with golf course on your right and wooden post fences on your left. Continue on trail to where the wooden post fences end (electric pole 1033695E). Buried under gravel by SE corner of cement well 961+55 are more candles for your cake.

Fun & Scary by Lee & Nancy
Alive and well as of 3/20/14

Continue south down path and keep fence line on your right to where Alhambra Wash pours into a pool of water. Continue left around pool until you reach the bent tree on your left (bending horizontally away from water) and walk 20 more steps on path. Look left up to a large multi-trunk tree. Your birthday candles are hidden on the backside of the tree, about two feet up from ground level under a rock in middle of trunks.

Continue West around pool of water, keeping the tall palm trees on your left. Carefully cross small stream, up to dirt trail junction and go left (South). Follow dirt trail under 60 Fwy and admire the art of graffiti as you make your way left past these walls and back across the stream. Climb up to the bike path and go right (South).

16 by MrOspital
Replaced 11/15/13, retired as of 2/18/19

Continue past 10.25 marker then go left off bike path to three wooden posts with yellow hats. Count 33 steps and look right for a pair of trees curving away from each other. Buried in the dirt under a concrete rock between them is your last birthday box.

Continue across stream to parking lot where you began this "birthday party"

Happy 16th Birthday Clarinet 226!!!!!