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The Walking Stick Tree LbNA #64755

Plant date:Jun 6, 2013
Location: Armstrong-Kelley Park
Planted by:AKP Contact
Found by: cape cod cam
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 6, 2013
Drive to Osterville Village. Please park on Main Street on the gravel driveway leading into Armstrong-Kelley Park. The Park is the oldest and largest privately owned park open to the public throughout the year. The Park is directly across from Fancy Market. Face the sign in the front of the Copper Beach Tree in the center of the driveway. Walk into the green where the Flag Pole is dedicated to all the branches of our military forces. Find the sign that says, Fairy House Forest and follow it past the Franklinia Tree. Find the poem written by William Cullen Bryant. (Make a fairy house while you’re here.) Afterward, looking back from the Bryant poem, walk along the Woodland Walkway passing the seven boards commemorating someone lost in 9/11. Pause and remember all those who were lost that day in New York City. Continue along the boardwalk to the John Folk Water Garden. There are several memorial benches there. Find the bench that reads, “Remember, Reflect, Renew”. Then look under the Crooked Stick Tree where you will find a “square”. Open TOP of the outer storage box only, the inside box holds the log and stamps. Hope you enjoy the Park.