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Video Games LbNA #64638

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:May 24, 2013
Location: Turnbull Canyon Rd
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Sep 27, 2020
Last edited:Jun 13, 2021
Note: Turnbull Canyon Road has been all made “no parking” and the neighborhoods are permit parking, so getting to this trailhead is now ridiculously difficult. I haven’t checked on the boxes recently, but I’ve no reason to believe them missing if you want to make the effort.

Planted for PAL Day 2013.

Just so you know, these are recycled boxes. They were originally created for a postal ring back in 2008. I've mentioned before that when Buffalo Tony got out of letterboxing, he gave me all his old materials. I found these buried at the bottom of a big box, along with another that had suffered irreparable damage. I've tried to contact their owners, but none of them have logged into AQ for years.

Rather than let them continue to just sit in my closet, I temporarily planted them for a meet-and-greet last summer, so many of you locals have already logged these. However, I had a specific need to get out three boxes for PAL Day, in order to replace some bonus information that was originally in three now missing and retired boxes. These now contain that exact same information.

So, while some of you may have no need or desire to seek these out, to the majority of you these are all brand new. Plus, two out three boxes have two stamps rather than just one. Enjoy.


Drive east from the 605 along Beverly Blvd until it becomes Turnbull Canyon Rd. About a quarter-mile after the houses give way to canyon you'll see a trail-head on the left. Park along the road near the kiosk and head up the generally straight and level Turnbull Canyon Trail.

Mario Kart: Princess Peach & Koopa Troopa
Alive and well as of 5/7/14

You'll pass a couple overgrown uphill trails with signs warning you not to use them, but when you reach a third "Keep Out" sign that is right next to the trail, double-back 35 steps and look right for a tree about a dozen steps off the trail. Approach it from the left and look for the box at the base on the far side, buried under a couple rocks.

Mario Party: Princess Peach & Mario
Alive and well as of 9/27/20

Continue along the trail to the junction with the Sumac Trail and take it to the left. It will curve gently to the left, but when it reaches a sharp left switchback heading uphill, leave the trail to the right along a footpath 27 steps and look left for the first tree. You can see a large rock perched behind it, with the box buried beneath it.

Sonic The Hedgehog
Alive and well as of 5/7/14

Double-back down the Sumac Trail to the junction and continue left on the Turnbull Canyon Trail. Take either the switchback or the shortcut up to the graffiti covered tree. Continue from it 100 steps and look left for a tree with a large split open trunk, then continue another 80 steps and look left for a giant V. In front of the tree, look for the box buried in leaves under a large rock.

Now, are you thinking that this hike ended just when the trail got interesting? Well then, bring along your own letterbox(es) to plant. You could continue up Turnbull Canyon or the Sumac Trail, go even further to Rattlesnake Ridge or Peppergrass Trail, or on the south side of the road, the Elderberry Trail will get you to Workman Ridge or Worsham Canyon. Lots of possibilities.

Hike length: 1-2 miles