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Loons Live Here LbNA #64356

Owner:NSHLG walkers Contact
Plant date:Apr 15, 2013
City:North Vancouver
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Rice Lake
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Apr 15, 2013
Loons Live Here

-we start our walk at the gazebo, near the log that lies on its side.

-follow the path to north, onward and upward toward Rice Lake.

-Walk past the nature house on the left, and follow the path for a bit.

- Rice lake 300m… Go through the wooden gate and follow the path.

-Look to the left and see the flumes? Your box isn’t there! Keep walking…

-See the sign that says Rice Lake? Cut to the right, DON’T go straight.

-Can you spot the lake to the left? ARE WE DONE YET? Not even close!

-Follow the winding road to the Rice Lake Loop Trail sign.

-You found the lake, but not the box… While you are here, take a walk around the boardwalk.

-After a walk on the boardwalk, visit the pavilion with the info on the Douglas Mowat Fisheries Project.

-Once reading up on that, put your back to the lake and walk forward until you see a path on your left.

- Continue on the path, past the large rock with the “mitten print” on the right hand side of the path.

-There's a bench to your left. Stop and enjoy the view, if you want, or continue to the first bridge, and cross it.

- Do you see the rainbow of 7 rocks? You are on the right path!

- Keep going until you see another bridge? Cross the bridge and pay your toll! To the left and under…the loons live here!