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9th @ Kennedy LbNA #63987

Owner:FamilyTreeShaker Contact
Plant date:Feb 9, 2013
Location: Kennedy Park
Found by: JoySong
Last found: Nov 5, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 9, 2013
Kennedy Park located at the corner of W. Ajo Way and Cholla Boulevard and offers many things for recreational minded people to enjoy. Fishing, picnicking, grilling, swimming, playing on the fields, running and walking are just some of the activities available within the park boundaries.

From I-19 take Exit 99 and go west on Ajo Way for about 1.5 miles. Go right (north) on La Cholla Blvd. for about 0.3 miles. Turn left (west) onto the second park entrance road and drive to the end of the paved road to Ramada 40 on the right and park there.

To the box:
Between Ramada 40 and Ramada 39 is a dirt path that goes west, passes through some fencing that is no longer maintained and then runs uphill. There is a large black rock as you get to the top. In close proximity, there is a yellow gas sign and a make shift cross made of a fence post and piece of iron attached to it. Look to the right and spot another yellow gas sign on the left side a short distance down the dirt road. Walk there. From there, you will see yet another yellow sign. Go to that one. At 240* magnetic there is a largish Palo Verde. Take 27 steps to that tree. The box is under some rocks on the west side.

When you get the stamp, you may say, “What the heck is that?” Hmm…. Try typing “9” (our annual gathering number) into Word and then change the font to Wingdings…. Voila!

Please be careful of things that bite and sting and stick you. This is Arizona after all; nothing here in the wild is cute, soft or cuddly. Bring plenty of water regardless of the season.