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Camelsfoot Peak Trail LbNA #63817

Plant date:Jun 30, 2012
County:British Columbia, CAN
State:British Columbia, Canada
Planted by:Gold Country
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 30, 2012
Crown Land
From the Mile 0 Cairn in Lillooet drive north on Main street and turn left onto Hwy 40 for 8 km and cross over the
Bridge River and turn right onto West Pavilion Road. Follow for 11.5 km and cross the cattle guard. Hiking trail starts
here. 3 km hike from parking area. A 2 wheel drive is fine. Be respectful as you drive through the Bridge River Reserve.

Park to the right of the cattle guard. Approximately 11.5km from beginning of West Pavilion.

Follow old road to a flat clearing from South Eastern edge of flat clearing 31 paces north. Look for old wooden box.

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