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Natural Disasters LbNA #63743

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Dec 22, 2012
Location: White Point Nature Preserve
City:San Pedro
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Fiddler of the Edema Ruh
Last found:Jan 27, 2023
Last edited:Mar 22, 2024
Stamps carved by MrOspital and Sitzmak

Logbooks provided by Deniserows

Planted by Kelsung for The End Of The World

These can be done alone, or after finding the "World War III" series first.

From the base camp, head east along the paved trail past the Nature Center. At the end of the parking lot you'll reach a chain-link fence and on the other side you can see the landslide area where the sea has reclaimed Paseo Del Mar, but construction crews are currently cleaning up and rebuilding.

Tsunami (by MrOspital)

Retired as of 1/26/13

This came up missing even before the event, and now the replacement is gone, too. It had 40+ finders, so it had a good enough run, but it won't be replaced. Obviously, the hiding spot isn't very good, but I couldn't resist using it for the event.

Ignore the fenced-off guard shack off to the left and continue to follow the dirt trail along the fence after the pavement ends. You will soon reach a second guard shack where you can walk right inside. On the right are a couple wooden shelves, and under the bottom shelf is the box, held up by velcro. That is, you can still feel the velcro where it used to be.

Volcano (by Sitzmak)

Alive and well as of 1/27/23

Continue to follow the dirt trail along the fence until you reach "The Furred And Feathered" plaque. Continue past it 47 steps to a footpath going left. If you reach the fork, you went 63 steps too far. Take the footpath 9 steps to the large rock and look left off the path for a rock at the base of the large bush. (Update: the footpath and large rock are gone, but box is still under the small rock.)

Earthquake (by Sitzmak)

Retired as of 11/16/14 (stamp stolen by some cache-hole)

Continue to follow the dirt trail along the fence to a fork. From here, you can double-back west to the base camp, or head north and do the "Zombies!" series backwards.