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All Who Wander Are Not Lost LbNA #63242

Plant date:Oct 6, 2012
City:Cooper Landing
County:Kenai Peninsula
Location: ????
Planted by:Andy17
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Oct 6, 2012
Down the highway lined in silver
Running along the turquoise river

Comes a place to rest the weary
the bar is loud and the fire cheery

If you gaze upon her flame
You will know that Gwin’s her name

To read the rest and claim my stamp
One will have to venture outside of camp

Not to worry it’s not that far
You wont need a plane or need a car

Look both ways cross with care
Find the eddy and an anglers dare

Toss in a line or take in the scene
Not yet in heaven but in between

Off to your right you’ll see some trees
Instead of climb drop to your knees

There are some rocks there is some soil
You’ll need to dig you’ll need to toil

You’ll want to find, this box real soon
When winter comes only stars and moon

For in it lies something dear
There is a reason you are here.

*****Due to inclement weather and flooding box relocated*****

Inquire within this special roadhouse...