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Ladiga Bridge LbNA #63167

Plant date:Sep 23, 2012
Planted by:bamahippie
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Sep 23, 2012
From highway 21 in Jacksonville, go West on Mountain Street. Turn left on Woodward Ave and take an immediate right into the parking lot of the Jacksonville train depot. This is a welcome center for the Chief Ladiga Trail, Alabama's first rails-to-trails project and a beautiful biking trail. Before you go hunting, stop in at the train depot and sign the guest book, and learn a little about the trail.
Head south on the trail, by bike or on foot. Cross Francis Street. Continue past the first bridge and stop at the gazebo to say hello to the minnows. Continue down the trail until you come to bridge 2. On the right side of the bridge there's a gentle drop into what is sometimes a tiny creek. Walk a few steps down and bend over to see under the bridge. Our box is waiting for you on the ledge.