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Halibut Cove 21st Bday Surprise LbNA #62942

Owner:SteedClanWa Contact
Plant date:Aug 19, 1991
City:Halibut Cove
County:Kenai Peninsula
Location: Halibut Cove Boardwalk
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Aug 19, 1991
From Homer, Alaska, boat over to the Saltry Restaurant on Halibut Cove. They have great food, so eat lunch or dinner and then head East along the boardwalk. Follow the boardwalk passed the water pump, admiring the dingy/boat graveyard on the right, and the outhouses on the left. Continue along the boardwalk up a slight hill, passed the horse barn. The boardwalk turns left at the Experience Fine Art Gallery. You’ll pass a couple of lodge rentals, like the Sea Shanty, then walk through the red metal barn. Just passed the Halibut Cover Coffee House go left up the stairs. At the first landing, walk to the right toward the waterwheel. From the waterwheel take 11 steps NNE toward the right side of the turquoise shack. The treasure you seek lies around the back of the shack under the rocks about 5 feet from the corner of the shack.