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Love in Sedona LbNA #62837

Plant date:Aug 11, 2012
Location: Cave Springs Campground
Planted by:gertieNarchie
Found by: Children of the Forest
Last found:Dec 17, 2016
Last edited:Sep 25, 2015
So here’s the short story—we met in 1983 and fell in love. Time passed and we went our separate ways. We each married another, had children, and got divorced from our spouses. Flash forward to 2004 and our paths crossed again, we renewed our friendship, and eventually we fell in love again—despite the fact that one of us lived in California and the other lived in Nevada. After navigating a long distance relationship, which included many meetings in between the Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas, we decided to get married. Now we live together happily in Las Vegas. We have been searching for letter boxes for the last 4 years, but have finally decided to start planting some of our own. We chose to plant a series of boxes that are a tribute to love—our love and to all who have loved. We are placing the letterboxes in different places that have romantic memories for us spanning from 1983 to present. When you find these letterboxes please take a moment to remember all of the great love in your life!

From Sedona head north towards Flagstaff on the 89A Highway; travel approximately 12 miles to Cave Springs Campground. Turn left into the driveway. There is a small parking lot on the right hand side before you enter the campground. Park there if you can or park on the highway. Opposite of the parking lot you will find a trail that is marked by two large boulders and a sign that reads, “No Parking Anytime” just to the right of the trail. Walk between the two boulders and follow the trail. The trail appears to end at a dry river bed (at least it was dry in August). If you look straight ahead, over the river bed, and slightly to the right you will see that the trail resumes. Look for a group of six trees to the left and one pine tree to the right to help you identify the trail. When you get to the other side of the dry river bed, continue along the trail until you get to a log that appears to block the trail. Hop over the log and continue approximately 15 paces, turn 90 degrees to your right and continue approximately 4 paces. Slightly to the left you will see two boulders. At the base of the boulder that is furthest from the trail you will see a pile of rocks—the letterbox is under those rocks.
Please be careful of snakes and other things while searching for letterboxes—on our last letterboxing hunt my husband almost stepped on a snake!