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Forest Wonders LbNA #62731

Owner:Dragonflygirlz Contact
Plant date:Aug 2, 2012
City:Oak Harbor
Location: Ft. Nugent Park
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 2, 2012
The patches of forest land on Whidbey Island are home to many beautiful creatures. See if you can find these wonders safely tucked away. Be sure to leave them as you find them! We don't want their hiding places being discovered by an unfriendly passerby!

Park in the upper parking lot to the left when you enter Ft. Nugent Park.

Walk toward the playground, but take the paved trail to the left just before reaching the playground.

When you reach the end of the football field, cut left across the field toward the forest.

Enter the forest at the disc golf course.

Continue on trail until you reach deep, dark, forest.

Cross the bridge over the creek.

Shortly after crossing the bridge, look for a cut log decorated with bottle caps on the end on the left side of the trail.

Just to the right of the nearby cement block, you will see a stump.

The "Babe in the Forest" is tucked just behind the stump safely under the cover of a fern and some moss covered rocks.

Please be discreet and re-hide the babe carefully, taking special care to make sure the box is sealed completely to keep the babe safe and dry.

To find the second letterbox in the forest, continue along the main trail until you reach the tee for hole nine on the disc golf course.

Continue to walk to the end of the cement platform, and then take 47 steps (approximately 90 feet) until you see a faint trail to the left.

About 10 steps off the main trail you will see a large dirt mound along the base of the tallest, biggest tree in the area... the perfect tree for a "Soaring Beauty."

Walk counterclockwise around the tree. On the side opposite of the main trail, you will see a decomposing downed tree at the base that forms a roof to shelter the soaring beauty. Look inside this tree under the bark and needles to find your treasure!

Again, please hide the soaring beauty safely and carefully back in it's nest so that no one disturbs it!