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A Walk at Eagle Pond LbNA #62283

Owner:Science rocks! Contact
Plant date:Jun 23, 2012
Found by: Arisia
Last found: Aug 17, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 23, 2012
Drive into Cotuit (from either direction) on Route 28. Find Putnam Ave. (hint--it is at a set of traffic lights right by CVS). Drive down Putnam Ave. for 1 mile, then turn left onto Little River Road. Approximately 1/10 mile down Little River Road, there is a small parking area on the left (across the street from 349 Little River Road). Park here --be careful getting out of the car as there is poison ivy around. Walk down the path until you get to the "T." Turning left will take you to Eagle Pond...but you want to go right to find the letterbox. Walk down this path until you see the tree marked by the red arrow in the above photo. The distinctive 90 degree angle of the branch near the path will be obvious! The blue arrow in the photo is pointing to the letterbox!

Please rehide carefully!! Thank you!

Some notes:

*This is a VERY dog-friendly area. Many dogs are off-leash here. We have only encountered friendly dogs there to date, but if you or anyone in your group is afraid of dogs, this may not be the box for you!

*After finding the box, head back the way you came. We really enjoy the walk around Eagle Pond, so when you get back to the "T," either turn left to go back to the car or continue straight for a lovely walk around the pond. Dogs and people swim in the pond, so if it is a hot day... :)

*Eagle Pond is one of Cape Cod's many “kettle hole” ponds, created by a retreating glacier over 12,000 years ago.

*Thanks to Kim, Skittles and Gremmi for introducing us to this great place!