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Constellation Trail LbNA #62120

Plant date:Jun 7, 2012
Planted by:schwartzfamily
Found by: Sacred Heart Church
Last found:Jan 20, 2014
Last edited:Jun 7, 2012
The parking area for this trail is at the Phippen museum (Hwy 89). Will have "trailhead parking" sign. (there is no fee). Park and proceed to trail. You will go under the hwy (low clearance). Prior to trail you will run into a nice memorial done by an Eagle Scout in the summer of 2011 for an Air Force plane crash that happened in 1959. Just past the memorial, the constellation trail consists of three differnt trails that all interlock. Take the trail that goes to the right. Continue on this trail (stay on the main trail). During some parts of the trail, it gets rocky, to which the city has sprayed white dots for you to know you are continuing on the main trail. From the beginning of the trail, it will take you about 15 minutes til you get to the next trail sign (15 minutes walking at a normal pace...if you have children who like to stop and climb rocks, it may take you a while before you finally hit the next trail sign :) ). When you hit the next trail sign, continue going straight (keep the trail sign to your right). At the seond white dot, turn right (45 degree angle) and stay on dirt trail. About 20 paces, you will come to two rocks, walk in between those two rocks. Go up the "ramp" rock and go between 2 more big rocks. You will run into a BIG rock, go to the right of it to find the letterbox. The box is in back of the BIG rock under a pile of sticks.
This is our first placement of a letterbox. We have found/attempted most of the letterboxes in Prescott. Please contact me if you feel my directions could be improved upon or if the box isn't there. Thanks and enjoy!