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Ross Lake LbNA #6201

Owner:LaneAlaineCoen&Finn Contact
Plant date:Aug 1, 2003
Found by: just foraging
Last found: Jun 17, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 1, 2003
Ross Lake Letterbox #1
The Cougar Island Letterbox

From Ross Lake Resort, boat to Cougar Island’s dock on the NNE side. (Pass between Cougar Island and a small island, then go counterclockwise to the dock). Go up the dock and walk counter-clockwise along the rocky shore to find a bumpy, distinctive white stripe on a large rock by the water’s edge. Take the path that heads 180 degrees. This path winds around, gently rolling. Follow to the right. You will see a small clearing on a rise, with a glimpse of snow-covered mountains at 210 degrees. The path splits into 3 at this point—take the fork at 220 degrees and go up to the highest point on the island. When you see a path to the water on your right, take it. Go down a 6-foot drop, follow the path to the left and around the west side of the island. On the left, look for an old stump with a distinctive root. Between the stump and the tree there is a rock overhang. Look beneath the overhang to claim your reward! [This letterbox was verified as present in August 2013]

Ross Lake Letterbox #2
The Devil’s Creek Letterbox

This letterbox may not be accessible to motorboats. [Canoe or kayak is more in keeping with the spirit of Devil’s Creek anyway]. Head north several miles to the suspension bridge on your east. Go up Devil’s creek as far as possible in canoe or kayak. Something wonderful is at the end of this gorgeous creek canyon. Turn around to head out and look about 30-40 feet along the right wall. See a mossy crack in the rock that looks like two small caves (about 5 feet above water level in late summer). Far left behind moveable rocks you will find the Devil’s Creek Letterbox! [This letterbox was verified as present in August 2014]

Ross Lake Letterbox #3
The Roland Point Letterbox
Placed August 2010

This one is a toughie! Head toward Roland Point campsite. As you go around the spit (campsite in view to your left) you will be in an inlet. At the far end of the inlet are two log "corrals" -- floating logs chained together, sometimes holding a lot of other logs. A canoe or kayak can just squeeze in between the two corrals and get fairly close to the land. Use some good balance or wade in the water to get to shore--if you are facing the corral, aim towards the right side. You should see 2 evergreen trees and a snag--their three bases roughly make an equilateral triangle (sides of triangle about 8 ft) near the shore (less than 20 feet from shore). If you head uphill from that triangle, about 40 feet, you will see a large uprooted tree on its side with its roots pointing toward the inlet. A pile of rocks is supporting the tree near the roots and another pile maybe 15 feet farther up the tree trunk. Look under that upper pile. A pile of loose rocks hides your letterbox! [This letterbox was verified as present in August 2014]