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High Dezert Hollywood: Se7en LbNA #61382

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Apr 6, 2012
Location: 110th St W &; W Ave I
County:Los Angeles
Found by: JoySong
Last found:May 20, 2023
Last edited:Jun 14, 2021
Alive and well as of 6/7/20
A Little about Dezert Ratty's Series - High Dezert Hollywood:

Since the dawn of film the High Desert has been a favorite location for Hollywood Film as well as Television. It's also been an area for movie stars to live and play. This series is meant to be a fun tour and a tribute that she's hoping will keep us coming back for years to come as more are added. Since anyone who would like to contribute is more than welcome, this is my third addition to the series.

SPOILER ALERT:  If you've never seen director David Fincher's film Se7en, with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, this letterbox reveals an important plot point to the ending.  Please don't ruin this disturbing but brilliant film for yourself by reading on in this clue before seeing it. A familiarity with the ending will greatly enhance your appreciation of the location and stamp.

For the entire film, the story takes place in a claustrophobic unnamed city of constant rain and near darkness.  Until the finale.  The two police detectives, one young, fresh and ambitious, the other old, worn and ready to retire, are lead out into the desert by their psychopathic prisoner.  The wide-open spaces and bright sunshine somehow make the unfolding events all the more disturbing.

They park and are led a bit off the road by John Doe, but stop when a van arrives.  While Mills stays with the prisoner, Somerset runs back to meet it, only to find a delivery man who is supposed to drop off a package: a cardboard box.  Somerset opens it and, shocked by the contents, runs back to his partner.  The audience thinks the same question that Mills asks: "What's in the box?"  We never see, but we all know.  That is why I asked for this stamp to be carved by a specific boxer with an awesome trailname.

This scene was filmed along the power line road near W Ave I & 110 St W, Lancaster.  Exit the 14 at Ave I and head west.  You'll immediately pass the minor league baseball field, and after a while you'll pass the state prison, too.   Continue all the way to 110th St W and turn right.

When you get beneath the power lines, turn left onto the dirt access road (not the first one before the power lines). As you turn, on your left will be tower 564 and on your right will be tower 150. Keep right at the immediate fork and follow the power lines a while, then park.

Stand beside 562 and walk towards 148.  You should reach it in 50 steps.  Go around to the opposite side of the tower and continue in the same direction another 50 steps. Pick yourself some reference landmark in the distance so you don't get off track, because I can't give you a compass bearing.  The towers generate way too much magnetic interference (just for fun, pull yours out and watch the random dance).

You should find yourself standing at a patch of dirt with a small, nondescript hunk of concrete set in it.  The box is buried just beneath.  Imagine for a moment that you are standing where a wrathful Brad Pitt gunned down an envious Kevin Spacey.

"You're no messiah. You're a movie of the week. You're a f***ing T-shirt, at best." ...or at least a letterbox.

When you're finished, make sure the stamp and logbook are in their bags, and both are then placed in the larger bag.

NOTE:  Some of you may be used to finding various hidden bonus clues in my boxes, but I assure you there isn't one here.  I wanted to create a cool and chaotic logbook to feel like the manifesto-like notes they find in John Doe's apartment.  I hope you enjoy what I think is the most artistic logbook I've ever created, but I swear it contains no hidden meaning.