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The Troop 4045 Letterbox LbNA #61344

Owner:Troop4045 Contact
Plant date:Feb 9, 2012
City:Manhattan Beach
County:Los Angeles
Location: Joslyn Center
Found by: Unlucky Pyro
Last found:Apr 22, 2012
Last edited:Feb 9, 2012
1. Go to the post office at 15th and Valley
2. 2 buildings north = Scout House. Start at door
3. Face the street.
4. Walk on the grass straight to the sidewalk.
5. Turn right.
6. Walk approx. 31 steps keeping the road at your left.
7. Then, turn right and walk approx. 10 steps, keeping the road behind you, until you reach the steps.
8. Walk up 10 steps; realize that there aren't 10 steps. So walk up 1 instead.
9. Bend over and look to your right, there should be a hole in the wall with electrical wires inside it.
10. In this hole, there will be a metal box
11. Please stamp our notebook and when finished re-hide the box precisely where you found it.