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Donna's Gift LbNA #61208

Owner:Beefamily Contact
Plant date:Mar 24, 2012
Found by: Azroadie
Last found:Apr 1, 2013
Last edited:Mar 24, 2012
This is to commemorate a milestone birthday for Donna.

Since Donna was born in March, you must think in 3’s.

In Prescott, all things begin at the Courthouse Square. From there you must travel south on the street that likes to change names. When you see the bicycle that wants to fly (so much like Donna’s spirit), you travel on .3 miles. You know you’ve turned on the right road, when it reminds you of what secret place you wanted as a child. Continue on .3 miles to reach your “club.”

Subtract March from the Club’s address and you will find which milestone birthday these clues help to celebrate.

Thinking still in 3’s, find where Donna’s spirit can continue to soar. Now, look for a place that reminds you of how Donna’s life burns with passion and there among the milestones you will find “Donna’s Gift.”