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Black Crow Moon Walk LbNA #61139

Plant date:Mar 17, 2012
City:Maple Bay, Duncan
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Maple Bay
Planted by:Black Crow
Found by: Black Crow
Last found:Aug 2, 2012
Last edited:Mar 17, 2012
Park at the Government Dock in Maple Bay
Walk along the beach to the right for approx. 10 to 15 minutes you will pass a rope swing and a couple of sets of stairs however this letterbox is hidden behind a "very rickety" set of stairs. Do not go on the stairs!
Stand directly behind stairs look to the left on rock wall
Replace the box as well as you found it so it is completly hidden and Be aware of Muggles!

(Muggles is a term based on "Muggle" from the Harry Potter series, which is a non-magical person.)
This term is used for a non letter boxer or geocacher who looks puzzled after accidentally finding a box or cache...

The concern with muggles is that they may discover a letterbox, either accidently or by seeing a letter boxer accessing it, and then possibly destroy it. This is referred to as the box being ‘muggled’.

Enjoy your search!