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Pistol River LbNA #61018

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Mar 8, 2012
Found by: RougeRaven
Last found: Jun 12, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 8, 2012
Pistol River, Oregon gets its name from a fellow, James Mace, a militia soldier during a skirmish known as the the Rogue River wars, who lost his pistol in the river in 1863. The Rogue River Wars was an armed conflict between the US Army, local militias and volunteers, and the Native American tribes commonly grouped under the designation of Rogue River Indians in southern Oregon mainly in 1855–56. While the conflict designation usually includes only the hostilities that took place during the mentioned period of time, numerous conflicts escalated in the area beginning in 1850, eventually breaking into open warfare.

Anyhow, Pistol River can be found ten miles south of Gold Beach and eighteen miles north of Brookings off of Hwy. 101. Turn onto Pistol River Road and drive less than a mile to a small road on your left posted as leading to the cemetery. Drive to the end of the road and park in front of this cemetery. Please note the sign advising you that there will be a $500 fine for “unauthorized burial.”

Stand with your back against the walk-in gate facing away from the cemetery and walk about twenty steps. Make a right turn, face the forest and walk a few steps to the double-trunked fir. Reach behind and on the left side of that trunk. Under some brush I hope you will find the Pistol River Letterbox.

Thanks for coming. Please rehide the box carefully so it cannot be seen and I hope you have refrained from unauthorized burial.