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Juicy Fruit LbNA #60507 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jan 14, 2012
Location: Wrigley Greenbelt
City:Long Beach
County:Los Angeles
Found by: JampersandJ
Last found:Sep 22, 2013
Last edited:Mar 22, 2024
Retired 3/22/24, probably been gone for years but confirmed today.

Wrigley has been delighting consumers with fun, innovative, products for over 100 years. From baking powder and soap in Chicago in 1891, to gum, candy, mints and chocolate around the world today. The company has evolved and expanded with an eye to the future and a steady focus on the consumer. In 1919 William Wrigley Jr. bought controlling interest in the Santa Catalina Island Company devoting himself to preserving and promoting Catalina and investing millions in needed infrastructure and attractions. The family's connection with the area lives on still today and is evident in one particular section of Long Beach referred to as the Wrigley District.

I Dig Toasters created this box as a replacement for the retired Spearmint box, Dezert Ratty brought it from MO to CA, and Kelsung planted it in a new spot at the same location.

Find street parking near the corner of De Forest Avenue and W 34th Street and enter the Wrigley Greenbelt. Walk through the gates, turn left and head south, ignoring the paved high road and taking the dirt path along the fence. The greenery on the slope on the right will stop and start a few times, but when you come to a point where it stops completely and is only grass for at least a block ahead, you should be standing by three small trees in a row. Turn back around and look at the end of the greenery, about seven few feet up the slope, for a stone completely covered in debris. The box is buried beneath in a black bag.

Once you've stamped in, be sure the box is buried under the stone, which is in turn covered in debris under the greenery.