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9/11 Tribute LbNA #60096

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Nov 10, 2011
Location: Veterans Memorial Park
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 14, 2021
Originally planted as limited-time boxes for the "9/10/11: The Day Before Tomorrow" event.
Replanted permanently for the "Salute A Soldier" event.

Follow the eastern fence to the corner where it meets the northern fence and you will find an opening next to a transformer. Rather than the path forward, go a few feet right to the corner of the fence and you'll see a path going either left, right or steeply down.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS: Sadly, this box had already come up missing by the end of the event.

REMEMBER 9/11: Take the steep path down and go left at the bottom. After passing a gorge on the left with a pipe going across it up high, step down to four trunks with black and blue graffiti. Continue left twenty steps to a rock in the path and on the left will be a large multi-trunk tree. Go to the right around to the back of it and look in the center under leaves and bark.

THOSE WHO ANSWERED THE CALL: Continue up and across the creekbed. The path will lead to a fork in the creek, then continue up the creekbed to a hollow oak tree. Forty-five steps past it will be two boulders with graffiti. On the left is a large white boulder. Look under the edge of it in the left corner, behind a rock. (Don't worry if you get injured, because you will soon reach a medic.)

NEW YORK SKYLINE: Step up onto the left side of the creek at the white boulder and continue up the overgrown path, keeping to the right of the tree. Soon you will reach a field of rocks to your right just before the path becomes too overgrown to continue. At the very beginning of these rocks, at ground level, look for a rock about two feet long with three rocks on top that are red, white and blue (not really but I tried), each a little bigger than a softball.

WINGS OF FREEDOM: Continue all the way through the rock field and when you reach the side of the creek, carefully follow the left edge (or step down into the creek for a short distance) and the path will continue to a clearing. You can "sit here" and rest, then continue to the edge of the creek again. Cross over to a boulder with blue graffiti, then go up the embankment to the right of it to a multi-trunk tree and a fallen, burnt and hollow tree beside it. Look inside the hollow under rocks at chest level, near where it lines up with the base of the multi-trunk tree.

IN MEMORIUM: Return to the creekbed and continue up until you find a boulder on the left that professes it's love for 42 (I didn't write that, but couldn't resist using it as a landmark). Seven steps further on the right, go under branches and up on the embankment to the right of a multi-trunk tree. Look in the center under a rock.

AMBIGRAM: You can turn back at this point if you wish. A little further on up the creek is a small waterfall. I'm sure it would be more impressive in the springtime, but would also be impossible to get to without actually wading in the water due to how sheer the walls become. I don't expect many people to attempt this next box, and you do so at your own risk. I'll just give you my clue notes and let you decide:

climb rock wall - cross at car door curve - under fallen trees - white "efM / Ws"?? - tree on rt - rocks in roots

NEVER FORGET: Return all the way down the creek, pass under the electrical cables high above to where the sheer right wall ends at J bone. Just past this you'll see a pipe coming out of the hillside and curving down into the ground. Just a little further on the right is a grove of five trees. Look under leaves and a rock at the base of the one closest to the trail.

STAR FLAG: Retired as of 3/26/13

PENTAGON MEMORIAL: When you again reach the four trunks with black and blue graffiti, turn right and go up past the pipe gorge. Take the steep path up to the top until you reach the corner of a barbed-wire fence. Follow this up to the right twenty-five steps to a tree and look at the base under a rock against the fence. Careful: you never know how close a sniper may be.

Carefully watch the barbed-wire as you double-back to the corner and go right up the path to the opening in the fence and your starting point.