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Maxer's Litter Box LbNA #59228

Owner:KK and the Komets Contact
Plant date:Aug 6, 2011
Location: the big park
Found by: Catstew2
Last found: Jun 11, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 6, 2011
Begin in the parking lot on Dry Creek Road at Trower.

Walk southwest along the path past the port-a-potty.

Keep walking until you come to the bench supported by 3 posts. Stop to notice the dedication.

Just beyond the bench you’ll see a set of 5 steps. At the top step, turn to your right and walk up the path.

Ahead on your left you’ll see a jagged broken tree stump. Stay on the path until you are adjacent to the stump.

Leave the path now and walk up to the tree. Down low and to your right you will see a hollow spot filled with sticks and bark. Pull out the sticks and you’ll find your box! Be sure to hide it well when you are finished.

Good luck!! KK and the Komets.