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Star Gazers and Shoot for the Stars! LbNA #58811

Plant date:Jun 28, 2011
Location: Santa Ana College 1530 W. 17th
Planted by:Roe-Woo Crew Contact
Found by: Lee & Nancy
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 28, 2011
Letter Box 1: Star Gazer

Mathew 2:1-2
Your adventure begins at the building where the modern day Magi would study.

From the "Magi study hall" procede to the rear of the bldg. Look for the landmark with the verse - 2 Timothy 2:15. Using the Timothy verse, head in the direction of the magi toward the building where you would put on display your "finest workmanship" as described in the previous landmark.

Once you arrive at the front of the building, go 30 paces north. Read Genesis 28:11-12. Once again, face in the direction of the Magi and locate a modern day "Jacob's ladder". Your treasure is hidden to the right of the base in a stone tomb.

Letter Box 2: Shoot For The Stars!

Your next stop on campus will be an open area where on, a clear summer night, you could gaze at the stars and listen to music or enjoy a play. There you will find a scene carved in wood. As you face the picture, locate the sun in the scene. Using the sun as a guide, head in that direction until you find "Call Box 5". Continue west past Russel Hall. Head north in the path between the "T" and "R" bldgs. Read verse Dueteronomy 34:1-3. God showed Moses the "City of _______." Locate the area with similar characteristics.

Once you have found that area, take note of the numbers posted on the doors surrounding that section. Locate a specific door by counting the number of points on the star of David. Add 100 to this number and place a "T" in front of your answer. Find the door with that number. Turn your back to the door. Look for an aloe plant. Behind that plant is a stone tomb covered by a fern. The treasure you seek lies buried behind one of those stones

Happy Star Gazing and Star Hunting!