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SoCal Gnome Cousins: Cowabunga Conrad (aka...Conni LbNA #58759

Owner:CherryOnTop Contact
Plant date:Jul 5, 2011
Location: 10500 Garfield Ave
Found by: CherryOnTop
Last found: Jun 3, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 3, 2017
Village Nursery Landscape Center
located at:

10500 Garfield, Huntington Beach 92646

DUDE...Connie loves hanging with the locals in Huntington Beach...aka: Surf City.
His digs are a bit from the coast, but he loves this gnarly nursery.
You can find him chillin' there

He's BACK after a long holiday!
Enter the main entrance and walk down this path, passing the checkout building in the front area on your left. Continue walking until you're now walking on gravel & look to your right for the power pole: Ellis-Hamilton No2 66KV (near the green porta-potty.)
On the back side of this pole (Refer to picture clue) reach under this sign for the magnetized box.

Show him the sites of his favorite nursery as you stamp, or he'll visit your car with you if you'd like...but he loves his home, so carefully return him from where he came.

Nursery Hours:
M-Sat: 7am - 6pm
Sun: 8am - 5pm