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Later, Dude LbNA #58741

Owner:Viejo Contact
Plant date:Jul 14, 2011
Found by: kingdomseeker
Last found: Jul 6, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 14, 2011
Located about .17 miles off state route 87 between Strawberry and Clint’s Well in a place called Dirtyneck Canyon at a place called Dirtyneck Tank.

Parking is between milepost 285 and 286 on the east side of the road where there is a gate in the right-of-way fence. The road through the fence is closed but open to foot traffic. Walk along the road bed through a second fence and beyond until you find yourself standing on top of the earthen dam that used to create Dirtyneck Tank before the dam was breeched. The "tank" is now a dry bowl most of the time, since it can't hold much water with the dam breeched.

Facing upstream the breech is to your right. On the hillside across the breech you will see a prominent pine tree about 10 feet away from a prominent oak tree. At the bases of these trees are large rock outcrops. The one fronted by the pine has a smaller oak tree growing which appears to have spilit the rock leaving a cleft large enough to hold the ammo can containing the letterbox, which is part of a hybrid letterbox geocache. The geocache waypoint is GC305Q4.