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Prickly Rose #2 LbNA #58533

Plant date:Jul 1, 2011
Location: Hidden Lake
County:Kenai Peninsula
Planted by:Arctic Tern
Found by: Eidolon
Last found:Jun 27, 2013
Last edited:Jul 1, 2011
The Prickly Rose name stamp is hiding at Hidden Lake Camp Ground (3 1/2 miles into Skilak Lake Road)

Park in the parking area and walk down to the lake straight across from the bathrooms. Standing at the edge of the lake to the right is the picnic pavilion to your left is a big forked birch tree. Turn to face the birch, the box is hiding under the root system on the right side of the tree.

It was kind of hard to keep the ziplock covered with leaves so make sure and rehide it well.