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Fish Out Of Water LbNA #5776

Plant date:Sep 23, 2003
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Cheerful Chipmunks
Last found:Aug 6, 2016
Last edited:Sep 23, 2003
Difficulty: easy

Placed by: team Black Rabbit - Rusty, Juan (a.k.a. Ruttager), & Ogopogo (a.k.a. evan)

Go to the park on Mt. Douglas. Best to use Blanshard.
At the top parking lot, look for the marker for 'Irvine Trail' next to a red fire hydrant.
Go up Irvine trail about 30 paces. You will see the trail forks, go left.
Continue for about 34 paces. Stop! Look to your left. There will be 2 small rock piles and some minor brush.
Go to the smaller rock pile closer to the trail (about 7 paces) and look for an obvious opening in the rocks to find what you seek. Please take the box

to the bluffs overlooking the water, relax and enjoy the view!
Psst...when replacing this box, place a few leaves on the box to keep it a secret.

This park is popular, so be discreet when removing & replacing the box - enjoy!