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Settler's Summit LbNA #57670

Owner:Mike's Family Contact
Plant date:Apr 30, 2011
City:Rancho Cucamonga
County:San Bernardino
Location: North Etiwanda Preserve
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: May 2, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 21, 2015
Settler's Summit is a one mile in, one mile out hike on a rocky trail with a moderate incline. Bring water for there is little shade. Nestled at the base of the mountains you'll get beautiful views of the valley on a clear day.

From the 210 Freeway, exit Day Creek and head north. Day Creek dead ends at Etiwanda. Turn left and park in the gravel lot at the entrance of North Etiwanda Preserve.

Begin walking North.

You'll soon come upon a hiker that will join you at several spots along the trail. Don't worry, he's friendly although he doesn't say much. Follow the hiker west through the second set of 5 "No's".

At mile 0, head north towards the Iron Giant. A "towering" example of strength and form.

You're on the right track as you climb the staircase made for a "rock" star.

Pause at the Eight Pillars of Information and find the compass rose. If you look to the NNW you might be able to spot the roof beams of your destination. It's smaller than the obvious choice.

Continue north. At the crossroads your hiker friend will once again appear to guide you. Take his advice and go where he leads.

You pass mile .25 at elevation 2153. Hooray you're a quarter of the way there!

If you feel like you're getting thirsty, stop for a drink where you can learn about water harvesting before heading up the hill.

Test out your circus skills by balancing across the pipe bridge.

Don't get tired, keep heading north past the blue candy cane to your right and mile .50. You're halfway there!

The friendly hiker will remind you that it's not time to swim, and it's not time to eat. Instead, follow the him downhill to the west.

Enjoy your little downhill stroll, you'll be climbing again once it gets rocky.

Keep walking past mile .75. You're now at elevation 2302 and almost there!

Don't worry, see that gazebo on the hill with the big green tree? You're not going that far! Pass by the drain to your left through the grove and by the old metal doors.

Just past mile 1, it's time for you and the hiker to part ways. Wave goodbye and cross over the bridge.

You've found the home of an old settler who invites you in to have a snack a stay for a while. 3 paces away from the NW corner of the settlers house, in the direction of the hills, you'll see a boulder just nestled in the shrubs. Hidden just underneath is the box you're looking for.