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AZ Envirothon 2011 LbNA #57447

Plant date:Apr 9, 2011
Location: ????
Planted by:lob Contact
Found by: ???
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 9, 2011
The AZ Envirothon contest is held every year in AZ in a different place. This is a contest for high school students in teams of 5 who compete at ecostations and oral presentations. This year's contest was held at Roosevelt Lake in Arizona. This letterbox was placed as we were leaving the campground and has a hand-carved stamp of a gambel's quail. Identifying birds was one of the tasks for the students at the ecostations.

To get to this letterbox/campground, turn left on state route 188 right before Globe. The turnoff for Grapevine campground will be on your right between mileposts 236 and 237. Drive towards the campground until you reach the sign that says Grapevine Group campground. This will be right before the cattleguard. Do not cross the cattleguard, or you will have gone too far. Instead turn left into a turnoff for parking. Stop halfway to the stop sign.

There will be a row of palo verdes on your right. Walk around the end of the row of palo verdes(end closest to stop sign) to another palo verde which is slightly behind the row. There is a jojoba bush growing together with that palo verde. At the base of the palo verde is a small pile of rocks. The letterbox is under those rocks.

Reminder to be careful of snakes and other critters in the wild. Use caution.

We do not know when we will be able to return to this area, so I would appreciate any updates on the box and how it is faring.

As usual, replace in the same spot and hide well.