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Where in the World is Bouse, Arizona? LbNA #57306

Plant date:Mar 27, 2011
Location: Bouse
Planted by:Libra Gal
Found by: Dawgdok
Last found:Jan 3, 2020
Last edited:Nov 8, 2015
2011 has been my third year visiting Bouse, AZ on a Family camping trip we call, Bouse Bash. We ride our quads, search for gems and enjoy a nice campfire in the evenings.

A friend, on this site known as Starbuckaholic, introduced me to this hobby and noticed Bouse did not have a letterbox. She made the stamp, supplied a book and my daughter and I planted our first Letterbox for your enjoyment.

Traveling I-10 West, get off on the 1st Quartzsite Exit (Exit 19, Parker/Yuma). Take a right then a quick left into town. Take another right at the 1st set of lights (95N) toward Parker.

Keep driving (you will pass over Plymouth Wash) then take a Right on Plomosa Road (You will see a Bouse Community Park sign).

Begin your journey by enjoying the scenery. Many people come here and enjoy ATVs/4WDing and often go rock hounding in the area. There are many old mines and also new claims in the land around you.

Between mile markers 9 and 10, stop for a historical break and learn about Quinn Pass. Drive or walk up this winding dirt road .2 miles. Stop and take 15-16 paces to your right. You will see a saguaro that is growing out of a beautiful rock formation. The box is hidden under the rocks that are below the saguaro's only arm.