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Myrtle Creek Trail LbNA #5722

Plant date:Sep 19, 2003
County:Del Norte
Found by: RougeRaven
Last found:Apr 19, 2015
Last edited:Sep 19, 2003
The Myrtle Creek Trail 1E01 is located off Highway 199 about 10 miles east of Crescent City. There is a paved parking area across from the trailhead just before South Fork Road near milepost 7.0. You will have to walk across Hwy 199 to get to the trailhead. There is a short uphill section at the very beginning, but once you reach #3 of the interpretive signs it is all flat after that. The trail is about one mile one way.

To find the letterbox: About halfway between markers 13 and 14 is a large tree root about 5 feet high on the left side of the trail that is covered with ferns. On the side facing the hill there is a little cave created by the fallen tree. The letterbox is tucked in the corner and covered by two pieces of bark.

10/30/03: I checked on this box today as there was a fire in Hiouchi recently and a letterboxer reported to me that they were advised not to go on the trail. The trail does seem to have some minimal fire damage but the interpretive signs and the letterbox are all still fine.

As the "contact the placer" function doesn't seem to be working you can e-mail me directly at if you have any questions, want to report a problem with the box or just want to report your find. I would love to hear from you!