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Old Man of the Moon LbNA #57128

Owner:Chunna Contact
Plant date:Mar 10, 2011
Location: Short Neck Road
Found by: Rock Island
Last found: Feb 5, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 10, 2011
This is in a small conservation area in Dennis on Short Neck Road, off of Farm Lane. The roadway to a private residence on the end of the ‘neck dissects the conservation lands. Parking is available for 3 or 4 cars before the sign that states “Private Property Beyond this point”. (The sign is there to keep people from going down the road and needing to turn around on their property. Please be respectful of this).

Park and walk up the ridge to the water (Bass River). You will see a path at the top. Turn westward and follow the trail along the ridge, enjoy the view from the top. You will step over a downed tree, shortly after the trail turns left and away from the water. Go down towards another body of water. At the end take a left and walk 40 paces past a large Rhododendron bush on your right. You will see the start of a trail between this and a large 3 trunked spikey tree (this tree makes great groaning noises in the wind!). The trail grows faint but it goes to the left of 3 large cedars, an oak and a pine. Proceed under a weeping branch and past a big holly on your left and in to a semi-open area. The path is fainter but still can be seen heading to the left. As you look ahead you will see a small cedar snuggled next to a pine along a line of downed trees. The Old Man of the Moon is nestled under the log behind this small cedar. Please re-hide carefully and follow the trail back out to the Rhododendron turn right and walk back to your car.

Dog are welcome, but please, only leave foot prints