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Cloverdales 2010 Series#2- Polka Dotted/Storybook LbNA #56984 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Feb 1, 2011
County:Los Angeles
Location: Entradero Park
Planted by:Cloverdales 2010
Found by: Boo 2
Last found:Apr 21, 2011
Last edited:Feb 1, 2011
4-H pledge…
I pledge...
My head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
My health to better living
for my club, my community,
my country and my world.

Welcome to the Fountain Valley 4-H Cloverdales 2010/2011 Letterboxing Project series! The club has members from both Orange and Los Angeles counties. To find out more about 4-H, please visit the state website:

"Polka Dotted/Storybook" is a box located at Entradero Park in Torrance. A large and spacious park, tucked away in a wonderful neighborhood -you would never know the park was here or was as LARGE as it is just by driving down the street!

1. Park in the large parking lot.
2. Start at the "Do Not Enter/Wrong Way" sign. Follow the "not so yellow, yellow brick road".
3. Take 97 squares on the road towards the play structure at the far side of the field.
4. At square 38 give yourself a HAND. And, pause a moment to say Hi to Rob who was here over 40 years ago!
5. Turn right where the Narnia kids gathered...
6. Continue on the new path of the "not so yellow, yellow brick road" another 30 squares, hang a left towards the Jungle Book jungle gym.
7. Climb the 2 step mini-mountain... avaoiding Indiana Jones' mistake and skipping the quicksand! Walk along the skinny balance beam road...
8. Pivot! And continue towards the Bird Ladies Bench. (Rest a spell, Sing a verse, and remember to feed those birdies! You will make mary Poppins proud.)
9. Enjoy the view a moment or two... make sure none of 007's adverseries are skulking about.
10. Well rested, continue your adventure along the fence line towards the cactus garden and up the hill.
11. Venture towards the ivy covered tree.
12. Eureka! One foot off the ground, under leaves and ivy lies the box.

Stamp away from the tree! Rehide well.
Tips: The Torrance Police Department sometimes uses the large baseball field for training their K-9 officers. They are all friendly and enjoy talking to the community. Say "hi" if you see them! Large groups of families sometimes gather here midweek (Wednesdays from 1-5) so skip those days to remain secretive. Or, stop and say "Hi" to them as well. Just be ready for all kinds of questions from the kiddos as to what you are doing counting steps and following directions. (They are a quizative bunch! And many of our friends.) :-)