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Plant date:Sep 17, 2003
City:Nanaimo, B.C.
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Team Rider
Last found:Jul 27, 2006
Last edited:Sep 17, 2003
IMAGINE Letterbox
Location: Jack Point/Biggs Park
Length of walk: 3 km. (Round trip)
Degree of difficulty: Not very. There are stairs involved, and a little clambering.


Take the Tsawwassen Ferry to Duke Point. After leaving the terminal, turn left at the first exit (Cedar/Industrial Park/Biggs Park). Make an immediate right onto Maughan Road, then turn left on Jackson Road. Follow Jackson to the Biggs Park parking lot (on your left, almost at the end of the road). Park in the lot.


Take the Island Highway south to the Duke Point turnoff (about 15 minutes from downtown). Take Duke Point Highway to the Industrial Park/Biggs Park turnoff. You will be on Maughan Road. Follow Maughan to Jackson Road. Turn right. Follow Jackson to the Biggs Park parking lot (on your left, almost at the end of the road). Park in the lot.
Walk through the pedestrian tunnel and turn right up the seaside path. If it’s blackberry season, you can treat this first section of the walk as brunch. You can’t get lost here. Just follow the path . You will go up a set of stairs, down a much shorter set, then up another long one. You will pass a bench placed for looking out over the water, then cross a boardwalk over a swampy area. When you come to the second bench (dedicated to the memory of Shorty and Marion Wetten), you may want to stop and sit a while, enjoying the view of Nanaimo across the bay.

When you’ve rested, proceed to the sign that marks the halfway point (1.4 km) of the trail. Now you have to get serious. Don your pith helmet and set forth.

Starting from the sign, continue approximately 47 single paces along the path and stop. Look to your left, toward Nanaimo. You should see a broken tree trunk, devoid of limbs, pointing toward the sky like a rocket ship prepared for take-off.

Do an about-face and look into the woods. Imagine a clock in front of you. At about one o’clock you should see two very large, very craggy stumps about 3 meters high, with a scrawny sapling growing up between them. Think of a couple of brawny bouncers “escorting” a troublemaker to the door, and you’ll know what to look for. At 11 o’clock there is a trail of sorts. Take ten small steps along that trail, and you will come to a fallen log, conveniently bowed downward in the middle for ease of crossing. Step over the bow. Remember, you are in the woods now, so watch your footing, and beware of predatory twigs.

Take twelve more small steps along the little trail, to where a “nurse” log is dwarfed by her four charges. Climb over the poor nurse, and you will see a wall of rocks ahead. Take out your imaginary clock again. At about 2 o’clock there is a rock that looks like a shark preparing to take a bite out of its neighbour.

Clamber up and grab the shark by the nose, then look to your left. About 1.5 meters away there is an upside-down V-shaped crevice at about waist level, and that’s where the treasure awaits you . Did I tell you that you get to sing?

p.s. Be careful getting down!