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Anne's Tablet, and Robinson's Folly LbNA #5649

Plant date:Aug 12, 2003
City:Town of Mackinac Island
Planted by:Radio
Found by: Adventure continues (3)
Last found:Aug 22, 2016
Last edited:Dec 29, 2015
Arriving at Mackinac Island by boat go to the Visitors Center opposite of the Arnold Line dock and pick up a free map. The following three letterboxes can be done in sequence or separately.
To begin, walk, ride a bike, east on Main St., Marquette Park, Fort Mackinac will be on your left and the Yacht Dock on right. Continue to St. Anne's Church on left. If walking turn left on street just before the church and climb stairs at end of street to East Bluff. If riding a bike or more gentle slope, continue on Main St. past church to next road to left. Go left up road to East Bluff.
Either way once at top take a breather and pictures of Straits and Round Island Lighthouse. All three letterboxes clues will start at this point.
1. Anne's Tablet Letterbox
Continue on road, homes on right,to the last home on right.Go the railing by the water find Anne's Tablet Trail to memorial. Find the word "Novels", sitting, look over right shoulder and up the hill. Between two trees is a stump. The letterbox is inside the base of the stump. (There's another letterbox nearby left by Artdog)
Follow to left on road to Fort Mackinac or retrace steps for next letterbox-- 2. Robinson's Folly Letterbox
At starting point on East Bluff, follow road right, homes on left till "Cedar Hill". Look at end of railing on right for a trail, follow trail on water's side to a clearing and view, Robinson's Folly. As children we would picnic below, climb cliff, and see the ribs of sunken wooden ship under water center left. Robinson was the second superintendent of Fort Mackinac, fell in love with Indian princess. He brought her here to a home he built. The girls father, Chief Manitou, angry, came here, fought with Robinson, both falling to their death below. To find the letterbox, stand by the clump of trees on this side of railing, look away from water to two trails, between trails is a clump of brush and cedar. Just behind clump (use the trail on the right) look for birch tree branches on the ground, look under branches or rocks if branches no longer there.