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Starbrite and Animal Crackers (Lynn Canyon Series) LbNA #56262

Owner:widemouthedfrog Contact
Plant date:Oct 26, 2010
City:North Vancouver
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: twinkletoes (2)
Last found:Jun 30, 2011
Last edited:Oct 26, 2010
Starbrite and Animal Crackers
Go to Lynn Canyon Park.
Walk past the first building, and the second one too. Leave the swinging cables until the end today.

Go down, down, down at least 75 times, past the woodpecker’s favourite hiding place.

See the open space? You are high above the canyon now! Find a tree surrounded by salmonberries and toilet paper plants, that pretends to be an evergreen, but is actually not.
Forge forward!

Walk under the archway of trees, past the lone pine.
When you reach the bottom of the hill lined with douglas firs, you know you are close.

Look away from the sound of water, for a mossy chariot awaits, just to the right of the “O”. This is the place to be.

After you have found Starbrite, find Animal Crackers.
Continue along the path until you come to the road less traveled. Take it.

Cross the bed.

You’ll see a seat fit for a king. You’re almost there.
When you hear the sound of water, look around where slugs and worms like to live.