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Take A Hike Letterbox LbNA #5573

Plant date:Sep 3, 2003
City:Richmond - Orinda
County:Contra Costa
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Jan 1, 2008
Last edited:Sep 3, 2003
This little letterbox is just a warm up box. Just a little something for the instant gratification crowd…

Start from the Kennedy Grove parking lot. Take either side of the Laurel Loop Trail, till you get to the backwards fork. There’s a picnic table on the left side of the trail. Look to the ride side of the trail and you’ll see a big tree… walk past this and check out the next large tree along the path.

Now that you’re started, why not take a hike and find some of the other boxes in this park?

Jenni (esmecat) & Paul (Javalord)

NOTE: if your going to hunt this box, make sure you check out the No Speed Zone series... one of the boxes is EXTREMELY close. also, the Boxer Family series has box # 1 close by.

NOTE: if you are visiting this park on a weekday, there is a "neighborhood walk in entrance" that lets you park on the street and walk into the park without paying a fee. to get there, from San Pablor Dam Rd. take Castro Ranch Rd. then take a right on Hillside Dr. and follow it till it dead ends. there is a pedestrian gate that is open into the park on weekdays there.

NOTE: this box was replaced and was active as of 8-14-2006