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First aid neededBird Box Series LbNA #55293

Owner:jerr_n_ro Contact
Plant date:Aug 23, 2010
City:Fort Bragg
Location: ten mile - old haul road
Found by: mr ahclem (3)
Last found: Jul 31, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 23, 2010
box #1 & 2 were placed 8/23/2010
box #3 is now gone and someone replaced it with a geocache. i am sad. i am keeping the instructions for box #3 on here because the rhyme is a good one. lol.


Off Highway 1, north of Fort Bragg, Ca.
Just past the Pudding Creek Trestle.
Park between the Beachcomber and the Sand and Surf
MacKerricher State Park Ten-Mile coastal Trail -Old Haul Road

Box #1 – Quail Trail
Park your car and get on track
Say hello to the ocean, the ocean waves back
Past the Sand and Surf and Ocean View
A mighty adventure waits for you
You might see a horse, families on bikes
Dogs taking walks, butterflies alight
There are squirrels and birds as you move north
Gravel to your right, on your left, the shore
Follow the direction lent by the fence
Past the windswept tree and said fences end
Take the second dirt trail, like a quail, on your left
Go towards the water, waiting wet further west
Stop before you drop, off cliff into sea
Thirty steps to the right, find one short small lonesome tree
Reach under the west side and there on the ground
Our quail trail letterbox should be found.

Box#2 – Snowy Plover Stroll

Now back as you came, we retrace your pace
Again we will walk, on the path that is paved
As we once were before, again we must go
Furthermore north, to the ongoing show
Left foot, right, a comfortable stride
Or, swing with a wing, and a short burst of flight
Take a look where the Snowy Plovers nest
Cross the bridge to continue your quest
Just ahead on your left, a horse trail can be found
Across from 2m stamped on the ground
Follow this trail towards the dune
And find where this path splits into two
Off to the right, is the right way to go
A utility box, & two horse trail poles
Right then and then there is a log in the grass
And in a hole in the end is where this box is stashed

Box #3 is missing, replaced by a geocache.
Box #3 - Vulture Venture

To again begin, we retrace our steps
Back to the asphalt, and then turning left
Now further and farther, a way we go
Scamper by squirrels, sailing past boats
Spy the little house, that holds the light
Making sure, it keeps to the right
No dogs on the beach, your eyes find the signs
On the left not the right, not once but twice
(From that second sign....)
Now seventy steps, our gait finds a gate
Leave left off the road, by the log that lies wait
On beaten path, come right this way
Stay parallel to, the path that is paved
Forward and onward, we will drift
As above the vulture, rides on the wind
Forging ahead, chasing our trail
To find the place where one tree fell
Before the horse trail, look there on our left
The bluff calls us, to venture out west
On the ocean side of that tree, our secret hides
In the underbrush, a prize to find
Not in your hand, but, in the bush
Up with a lift, aside with a push
There underneath is a purposeful rock
Sitting atop this bird box.