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Braaaiiinnns LbNA #55086

Owner:knottyknitter&dirtmonkey Contact
Plant date:Aug 12, 2010
Found by: MelindaTheMentalMarvel
Last found:Aug 30, 2020
Last edited:Aug 12, 2010
Make your way to Alaska Pacific University and park in the Carr Gottstein Bldg Parking Lot (the two story flat pink building on the campus). Park near the paved trail with the railing closest to the building. Take this trail and walk a short distance until you find the 2nd silver light post on your left. This light post has an electric box in front of it, stand on it and face the light post. Take the less traveled trail on the left of the light post towards the trees that look like Y's on the right. Follow the trail until you see a Y tree with a vertical stick in the middle. Head towards that tree and stop near it. Look to the right of that tree and you'll see a cluster of trees, you'll find the box in that cluster of trees under a pile of sticks.

When you are done using the materials, please wrap up the log book and stamp, and hide the box under the sticks as well or better than you found it. Have fun!