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FAHRENHEIT 451! - Manchester, WA. LbNA #55048

Owner:Fledermaus Contact
Plant date:Aug 9, 2010
Found by: Theophilus
Last found: Jan 23, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 9, 2010
KRL Logo.

Kitsap Regional Library

8067 E. Main Street
P.O. Box 128
Manchester, WA 98353
Phone:  360-871-3921
Branch URL:  Manchester Branch

Letterbox Availability:

Sunday:  Closed!
Monday:  1pm to 8pm
Tuesday:  10am to 6pm
Wednesday:  1pm to 8pm
Thursday:  1pm to 5pm
Friday:  1pm to 6pm
Saturday:  1pm to 5pm
        Several years ago, I created a series of geocaches within each branch of the Kitsap Regional Library system, with permission from the Chief Librarian of course. However, only this branch was unobtainable, due to a nearby and pre-existing geocache.

        Now and with my renewed interest in Letterboxing, I have decide to place a Letterbox within this particular branch. However, it has not been hidden in the same manner as in the other branches, nor is it to be found outside of the building.

        Initially, it will be available to only those who are members of and However and at a later date, I may extend it to the GPS, and websites.

        For those of you who require a "Secret Number" to log your find, there is a (4)Four Digit code on the inside of the container's lid. If necessary, please write it down for later reference.


Good Luck & Happy Hunting !!!

The Owner of this Letterbox Has the Last Word in Acceptance or Denial of All Claims!