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Wooly Mammoth LbNA #54871

Owner:Stinkerbell Contact
Plant date:Jul 8, 2010
County:Kenai Peninsula
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 8, 2010
Follow the brown signs for Exit Glacier from Seward. Park at the Visitor's Center and find the trails behind and to the right of the building.

It's .3 miles from the parking lot to the first trail sign. From the trail sign "Harding Icefield 8.2" it's 1.6 miles to Bottom of Cliff where the box is hidden. The first .2 miles are just a warm up. Sign in at the trail log, it's 1.4 miles from here!

You'll pass a pair of hikers going the same way you are--UP. Cross the marsh and the raging river. Finally you will see another pair of hikers. They are continuing to the Top of the Cliff, but you will turn to the left and head south on the winding trail. Cross the stream to reach the large, flat, rocky overlook. Have a seat on the boulder at the end--you've earned it!

When you have had your fill of crevasse-viewing, take ten steps west down the gravel path on your right. You'll have to push past some shrubbery, and take 3 more steps to a tiny clearing. On the ground before you is a flat rock in a pile of non-SPOR rocks. I moved two white and black quartz conglomerate rocks to the center of the pile, but who knows if they are still there? The box is under the flat rock and the conglomerates, a.k.a. SPOR.

Because these natural areas are subject to change, I also placed a white firetack in the underside of the branch of a low-growing tree. The branch is growing on the SE side of the SPOR.

A couple of people noticed that I was poking around over here, one asked me if I was doing research. OF COURSE that's what I'm doing, and that's what you can be doing, too! Tell them you are trying to identify the plants up here. The tree with the firetack may have been a willow.

**Warning: this is a moderate to strenuous trail. Take adequate precautions against cold, heat, rain, dehydration, hunger, fatigue, mosquitos, moose, and bears.**