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Born in the USA LbNA #54516

Owner:Bhagwars Contact
Plant date:Jul 12, 2010
City:San Mateo
County:San Mateo
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found: Sep 15, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 12, 2010
Drive into Coyote Point and follow the signs to the museum. Park at the bottom of the hill under the eucalyptus trees. Take in the beautiful view l of the marina. Go past the picnic area, uphill towards the water, pass by the shimmering trees and take the path down toward the boats. Go left at the fork, take a stroll and watch the planes descend into the airport. Go past the harbor and catch a glimpse of the city by the bay. Keep walking to find your point of view. Head down the path past the mile mark and keep straight. Find our nations soaring symbol and pay your respects to our marine corps. Turn 180° toward the ocean, slightly left and walk towards the bench by the twin trees near the ocean. Hop over the short stone barrier and take a seat on the fallen log just past the garbage can. Look behind you and find what you are looking for hidden in the wall by a rock in a shiny silver tin. Enjoy!