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Lilies in the Valley LbNA #54317 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jul 4, 2010
Planted by:Thekingandhiscourt
Found by: willys ranch 4
Last found:Sep 10, 2010
Last edited:Jul 4, 2010
*** To access the letterbox, enter the parking lot at 401 Meridian Street (ServisFirst Bank, Eye Care Associates) and go to the back of the lot, near the drive through. There is a small driveway by the dumpster that will lead you into a large greenspace. You can drive beside the sidewalk in the greenspace (not ON the sidewalk, please!) heading towards the creek and the garden ahead. You can park alongside the garden beside the sidewalk and begin your search for the letterbox, using the clues below. **Be sure to read the inside front cover of the logbook!**

Though many here have met with some strife
They choose to focus on celebration of life
In this garden you will find
Central locations of many kinds
A place to celebrate and ring a bell
A statue to think about and remember well
Benches on which to reflect and rest
Bricks in honor and memory of their best
A plaque is located under the bell
The idea of the garden it will tell
Two sidewalks are the hall of fame
These people helped the garden gain
When you locate the plaque for the newspaper
It is here that you may begin your caper
From this marker face the skate park
Walk 50 full paces straight towards that mark
Head to the creek, right in the bend.
You are almost near to the end.
If you get to the trash can you have not been alert
Look ahead and you will see the culvert.
You'll see the end of a fence above to your right.
Align your feet with this sight
Look down and you should see some small rocks
They are piled around and on top of the letterbox!

The garden is monitored by cameras but the range does not reach your spot. The benches in the garden are a fine location to do your stamping. **Be sure to read the inside front cover of the logbook!**

Please make sure to re-hide the box well, taking care to completely cover it with rocks.