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Shackelford Banks Cemetary Princess LbNA #54057

Owner:LANCEY Contact
Plant date:Jun 19, 2010
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 19, 2010

If you are not from around here you might not know where the cemetary is on Shackelford Banks. If you travel down the island starting at the dock go down towards the second bath house towards Harker's Island. Before you get to the second bath house you will come to a huge fallen oak tree. It is still alive but half of its rutes are not in the ground. Right before the tree is an opening in the trees. Through this opening you will find the cemetary. If you can't find it you may ask the people on Shack they are always helpful

Look for Monroe Willis's finger pointing up at the crooked tree. Dig to the left of the tree just under the rope fence. There is a gray conch shell covering the spot.