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My Little Buttercup LbNA #53934

Owner:Skye Boat Contact
Plant date:Jun 11, 2010
Found by: TheMasses
Last found: Oct 13, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 30, 2015
Head to Heritage. Once inside drive towards the back where the large park office is. As you pass the parking for the office the road splits- take the fork to the right towards shelters 4, 5, and 6. As soon as you do this there will be a small parking area on her left hand side. Park here.

Walk back towards the split in the road that you just came from and you sill see some trees and bushes that are behind the sign for the shelters. Stay on the backside of this grouping and if you were facing the back of that sign (your car should be on the left side of where you are). There are two large trees- choose the tree to the left (there aren't many plants in front of it) and reach to the right side of the tree tucked around some roots/vines. Here you will find the vase for our flowers.

Now walk back in the direction of your car, stay on the right side of the drive. You will come across a concrete post sticking up in the middle of an open area of grass and behind it are several young trees. Start at the concrete post and walking across the grass towards the bushes and woods (opposite direction from the bathrooms). To your right you will see a little pathway. Just at the opening of the pathway on the left is a young pine tree with vines on it. Look down in the vines to the right of the tree and you will find your little ray of sunshine. You can do a single flower or a bouquet!

There are ink pads in both and in the Petals box are some accent pens if you want to draw some stems or highlight the buttercups.

Note: There is a fee to get into the park on Weekends and Holidays.