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Fishin' in the Lily Pads LbNA #53863

Owner:SharyBerry Contact
Plant date:Nov 24, 2007
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Nov 24, 2007
Lakepoint Resort on Lake Eufaula Alabama. Off Highway 431 and near 116.
This box contains 2 stamps. One carved by myself and the other carved by my daughter at 9 years old. We spent a great time sitting in the sun carving together that day. The lily pad inspiration for the name of the box and the stamps we carved was right there in front of us in the water. Take some time to take in the view.

This is a beautiful state park, camping, pinic areas, group pavillions, fishing, boating, hiking trails, cottages, a restaurant.

Take the driveway into the resort, turn left towards Camping and Picnic Area, follow the road over the bridge. Turn left into the picnic area (there is a parking fee). If you get to the campground, you've gone to far.
Go to the back of the parking area and park near the turn-around. Walk to the hiking trail that goes around the lake. Starting at the post at the entrance of the trail you will walk about 75 feet. Don't go over the rocky dirt "bridge". Just before you get to the bridge go off the trail to the left. You will go approximately 24 steps toward a large pine. There is a small mound to the right of the tree with a pipe buried underneath. The box is hidden in the pipe.